Wellness Wednesday: A Tool to Help you Achieve Work/Life Balance

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As student affairs folks head into the infamous month of August, I thought it would be appropriate to share a free app that I came across via the Smart Passive Income (http://www.smartpassiveincome.com) podcast by Pat Flynn (more about the app in a few).

Smart Passive Income Shout Out

For those who do not know Pat Flynn, I’d encourage you to check out his story here! I am an avid listener to Pat Flynn due to his laid back demeanor and helpful tips to approach entrepreneurship with a holistic approach. He encourages his listeners to not only focus on best practices for their businesses but also for their well-being. He sees the success of one directly correlated with the success of the other.

I would encourage student affairs professionals (as well as any professional in any field) to listen in to a few of his podcasts. They can be found –> here! The one thing that I’ve learned the most from Pat is that any of the concepts that he or his guests discuss can be applied directly to any field/position. Student affairs is a profession that requires folks to wear many hats (even if we have no background in some of those areas). Pat’s blog and podcasts can only help you become more confident in those unfamiliar spaces. Check out Pat Flynn at smartpassiveincome.com! You won’t be disappointed!

Free App: Coach.me

Okay…now back to the free app! Student affairs is a profession that can sometimes take over a person’s life. As a result, we encourage professionals to work on developing techniques to maintain a work/life balance. The app, “Coach.me” is the perfect tool to focus on holding yourself accountable for accomplishing that balance in your life. The app provides a platform for folks to set goals for themselves and then accomplish said goals. In addition, the platform provides a community based approach to help folks push one another to be productive and efficient with their time. If nothing else, this app is useful in holding one accountable for the goals they set. I would encourage you to check it out AND why not spread the word to your student staff as well? Our students can struggle with this just as much (if not more). Do I see a professional development opportunity in the distance for our student staffs?

Before I end, I want to point out that I am in no way affiliated with coach.me. I thought it would benefit some folks out there in the student affairs world so I didn’t want to keep it to myself! And, if you are not an app person, the folks who created the app (Lift Worldwide, Inc.) made the same experience available over the web at coach.me. Very cool!

Well, I hope this program helps make the approach to figuring out that perfect work/life balance a little bit more manageable! I hope you all have a fantastic Wellness Wednesday!

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