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Have you ever been in a situation where you need an icebreaker and FAST!? Welcome to “The Great Blog

of ICEBREAKERS!” My intention for this post is not to provide you with “never seen before” icebreakers but instead to provide you with a resource that helps connect you to sites–quickly– so you can do your job during those crunch hours with less headaches!

Below you will find a list of websites, channels, and google docs that I hope will help you create a nice database for your icebreaker needs! You will find that there are TONS of resources that are not included in this post (it would be almost impossible to include all resources). As always, if you have any resources that are not listed below but that would benefit the greater student affairs community, please leave a comment with the information so that I can update the document!

Happy Icebreaking!

List of Resources:


The Wilderdom Store:

Holden Leadership Center at The University of Oregon (activities in the banner on the left):

Icebreaker Games Playlist (94+ Videos; by: Joshua Lin)


Popular Videos-Icebreaker & Team Building (by: #icebreaker)


Popular Videos-Team Building & Icebreaker (by: #icebreaker)

Google Docs/PDFs:

This Google Doc is my own personal collection of packets found throughout the web with various activities in them. I did not develop these resources. I have only created the google doc to store the resources. I hope this provides you a great foundation for your toolbox!

40 Icebreakers for Small Groups:

List of Icebreakers & Icebreaker Websites by Laura Tillery:

Wayne State University-Icebreaker Resource Packet (50+ activities)

University of Central Missouri-Teambuilder Activities

*Please remember: I do not take credit for the development of these resources.*

Question: What websites, documents, or videos are your “go to” sources? Are you willing to share them so others can benefit from them? If so, comment below with the link to the source! Thanks!

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