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XXNK4186Just over a year ago, I left my full-time job as assistant director of multicultural student services with the intention of starting my own business that focuses on providing professional development (PD) on topics around equity and inclusion to faculty, staff, and students. From the start, an important goal of my business has been to provide these PD opportunities through multiple venues. For the first year, I focused heavily on facilitating workshops for institutions, conferences, and community organizations. In addition, I have worked to provide free content via my blog and through my very own podcast, #JPSPEAKS: Social Justice & Inclusion Podcast for Higher Education Professionals! After careful review and planning, I’ve determined we are ready for the next step!

New Service

In addition to the above services–today– I have the honor of announcing that next step! Ready for the exciting part? YOU can be a part of the magic (and get paid for it)!

Ready for the details? Today, marks the start of JP Webinars, a service that provides online Piperato_icon_webinarsprofessional development workshops to student affairs professionals. The workshops will be facilitated by the leading change agents in our field! These workshops provide quality content, tangible resources, and success-driven action steps.

Why JP Webinars?

A year ago, I started my own business with the hope that I could help provide folks with the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to increase student success for ALL students in higher education by centering the voices of the most marginalized. If I were to describe myself in one word, I’d say that I am a connector. I live to connect people to information and to other people. JP Webinars is a service that helps me achieve both. I can provide folks a platform that amplifies their voice and educates others. JP Webinars will help connect people to information they need via people who are experts in the field! The workshops that JP Webinars provides will cover various issues, will provide tons of content, and will center a variety of functional areas.

Join the Team

Remember that part where I said YOU can be part of the magic (and get paid for it)? Currently, I am in search of professionals who are interested in serving as facilitators! Are you comfortable facilitating workshops? Do you have expertise in a certain functional area or a program that could benefit others? If so, you are the person I am looking for as a facilitator for JP Webinars! If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, click the link below to sign-up for an interest meeting (all interested folks should attend one interest meeting to obtain necessary information and the application)! The interest meetings will provide additional details about the process of becoming a facilitator including: the application process, facilitation role, compensation, timeline, and additional details.

#SASIDEHUSTLES-3To register for an interest meeting (remember if you are interested you MUST attend an interest meeting), click the Eventbrite link below and register for one of the three dates!

The interest meetings will provide you with the opportunity to check out whether or not this role is right for you! Please note: there is an application that one must submit in order to be considered for this position. There is no expectation if you attend the interest meeting to find out more about the “JP Webinars Facilitator” role.

The dates for the interest meetings are listed below:

  • Monday, May 02 at 11AM (EST)
  • Tuesday, May 03 at 2PM (EST)
  • Wednesday, May 11 at 9PM (EST)

Link to Register for Interest Meeting:

You may be wondering, “Why are the interest meetings so soon?” The interest meetings are so soon because they represent the start of the application process. Interested applicants will obtain the application after the interest meeting and will submit it to by June 01. If you are unable to make one of the above dates, please email to set up a meeting to discuss an alternative time to discuss the details!

Benefit of Becoming A Facilitator at JP Webinars

If you are still hesitant on whether or not becoming a facilitator at JP Webinars is right for you check out the below FAQs!

What would be my role as a facilitator?

Your role as a facilitator would be to plan and implement workshops that provide quality content, tangible resources, and success driven action steps. As a facilitator, every academic year you will submit a list of workshops that you have developed and would be willing to facilitate via a webinar. JP Webinars would then contract you to facilitate the workshops that would best serve the higher education community.

How much compensation would I receive as a facilitator?

The compensation will vary for each webinar. Every facilitator will receive a base fee for each webinar they facilitate. In addition, they will receive an affiliate commission, which will allow for additional earnings (will be explained further in interest meeting).

Why would I apply to be a facilitator for JP Webinars instead of a different organization that hosts webinars?

The benefit of applying to be a facilitator for JP Webinars is that you will not be underpaid for your services. Every facilitator will be paid a base fee and then will be provided the opportunity to make a significant commission on each webinar they facilitate! If you were to present for a different organization, you would only make a nominal fee for your service (even though that company would profit thousands of dollars off of each webinar you facilitate).

What type of workshops is JP Webinars looking to host?

JP Webinars is a service that provides online professional development workshops facilitated by change agents in our field! The type of workshops that will be prioritized are ones that provide quality content, tangible resources, and action steps. JP Webinars looks to host webinars that cover best practices, techniques, and resources that can assist professionals in their expansion of knowledge on topics of equity and inclusion. In addition, JP Webinars looks to host webinars that cover a wide range of functional areas and niches in higher education. Workshops that include best practices for the creation of identity-driven orientations, academic advisement of marginalized students, identity-conscious career development techniques, and holistic Title IX educational trainings are all examples of workshops that would qualify for consideration.

As a facilitator, what would the time commitment look like?

The time commitment will vary for every facilitator. All hired facilitators will have the opportunity to chose the number of workshops they can provide every semester. This means that the hours of commitment will be in the hands of the facilitator. Every webinar will last 60-minutes. In addition, one practice meeting will be schedule prior to every webinar so that the facilitator can run through their presentation on our software program (these can last between 15 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the facilitators’ comfort).

Interested in becoming a facilitator for JP Webinars? If so, register for an interest meeting today via Eventbrite.


So, there you have it folks! JP Webinars is now an official service that we will be providing you quality professional development at an affordable price via an online platform! Spending thousands of dollars for your staff to attend a workshop hundreds of miles away is not the only option for quality professional development! The 2016-2017 webinar line-up will be announced July 01! Stay tune for all the magic that will be heading your way!

Please Note: Scholarships will be created and funded from a portion of the profits obtained by the sales of every workshop hosted by JP Webinars!

Questions? Concerns? Contact!

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