#RealReflections: Black History Month, Sports, #Formation, and the Hijras Community

Jamie Piperato, Higher Education, Student Affairs, NASPA, ACPA

Welcome to the second post of, #RealReflections, a bi-weekly post consisting of current events, resources, media clips, and tweets that encourage the reader to consider the “real” implications of their actions and responsibilities regarding social justice as higher education professionals. After each resource provided, I have included some “questions to consider.” Feel free to use these materials to start conversations about equity and inclusion within your department or division.

Black History Month

A World Without Black History Month I Decoded I Franchesca Ramsey

Questions to Consider:

  • What type of conversations are occurring during Black History Month? Are we just checking boxes to say that we accomplished a program on our campus?
  • How are we continuing to provide support to our Black and Brown students on campus beyond Black History Month?
  • What policies, procedures, and services are we assessing, revisiting, and implementing in order to support our Black and Brown students, faculty, and staff?!
  • To my White colleagues, how are we holding ourselves accountable? How are we eliminating complacency? How is our Whiteness impacting our campuses?

Conversations about Sports

Defending Cam Newton against hypocrisy is easier than playing defense on him

Click to Access Article & Video!

Questions to Consider:

  • How are Black and Brown athletes held to a different standard on our campuses?
  • How are Black and Brown athletes held to a different standard in our sports industry?
  • Have you considered using current events such as this one to reach the “majority” student on your campus when discussing race?

Notice this Racial Double Standard in the Coverage of these Rioting Denver Bronco Fans

Access this article here!

Questions to Consider:

  • In what ways are we discussing double standards within our media industries with our students?
  • In what ways are we ensuring our own media and communication departments are not perpetuating these acts of double standards and internalized dominance?

Article: New Documentary Explores Challenges Of LGBTQ Athletes


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Questions to Consider:

  • How are we discussing bias from both outside and within the LGBTQ+ community?
  • How are we providing support and protection for our LGBTQ+ athletes on campus?
  • Has your campus participated in the Campus Pride Sports Index?

Video: Game Face: An Inspiring Documentary about LGBT Athletes Coming Out

Learn more about the film here!

Questions to Consider:

  • What do our policies look like for both athletics and recreation sports on our campuses?
  • What conversations are occurring about LGBTQ+ athletes on our campuses?

Tweets & Articles on the Release of “Formation”

Tweets about #Formation

 Articles about #Formation



White People: Shut up about Beyonce

Access this article here!

Questions to Consider:

  • What ways are you using songs/videos such as “Formation” to continue dialogue on your campus?
  • What ways are your stepping up or stepping back (depending on your identity) to center the experiences of Black and Brown folks in higher education?

The Hijras Community: First Trans Band Releases Cover

India’s first trans band release Bollywood cover of Pharrell’s Happy (Video)

Access this Article here!

Hum Hain Happy-6 Pack Band

Questions to Consider:

  • When discussing the the Hijra community, what context are you providing to ensure you are representing this community in an accurate way?

Thank you for taking the time to read through the various resources, videos, and tweets! Please consider sharing this article across your social media platforms. Furthermore, if there are articles, resources, or tweets that you come across throughout the week that you believe worthy of inclusion in this bi-weekly post then feel free to share the link using #RealReflections and I will do my best to include it in future posts!

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