Higher Education: Leading with Confidence as a New Professional

Higher education, Jamie Piperato, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, SAHE

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This past week, I started my speaking tour for the fall semester. I’ve been having an amazing time connecting with awesome students and professionals! I wanted to take a few minutes to share my visit to Indiana University of Pennsylvania from last Wednesday! A HUGE thanks to all those who had a hand in inviting me to campus to speak from the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education.

I had an amazing time during my visit! I was fortunate enough to speak toh a room full of second year students studying student affairs in higher education (SAHE)! Scroll down to see the information shared to them about leading with confidence as a new professional! In addition, you will find some live tweets from the event!




Once again, I want to thank everyone who had a hand in inviting me to campus! I enjoyed my time with the SAHE students and I look forward to observing their growth as new professionals!

Stay tune for more updates on my speaking tour! Have an amazing day!

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