A New Transition: Introducing JPHigherEd!

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The New and Exciting…

In 2014, as many of you know, I started working on forming my own higher education consulting and speaking business under the name of Jamie Piperato, LLC.  Then, in 2015, I made the final step and left my full-time job in higher education to begin working full-time as a higher education consultant and speaker.

Almost two years later, I have made the decision to take another step as a business owner and higher education professionals. Since the conception of my business a goal has always been to reach a point where I could develop a team to provide quality, professional development opportunities to higher education professionals (and beyond) via webinars. Over the past few months, I have started to work towards this goal. So far, I have hired thirteen AMAZING higher education professionals (find out who they are on JULY 18!) who utilize a social justice lens in the educational workshops they develop (as well as in their personal lives). Next, I will be taking steps to transition my brand name from ‘Jamie Piperato’ to ‘JPHigherEd.’ To raise awareness about this next step, I am putting together a “launch team” that will help aide in spreading the word (more about how YOU can get involved later).

Check out some of the new services that will fall under JPHigherEd. Then, scroll down to learn about how to be a part of the JPHigherEd Launch Team!

Tell Me More About JPHigherEd!

JPHigherEd is a company dedicated to providing quality, identity-conscious educational opportunities to the higher education community. Many of the services that I am currently providing under Jamie Piperato, LLC such as, the #JPSPEAKS Podcast and my campus workshops will continue under the new umbrella name, JPHigherEd. BUT! There will be some exciting NEW services that I will be providing such as, JP Webinars, JP Courses, and JP Scholarships.

JP Webinars

JP Webinars is one of the newest services under JPHigherEd. There will be thirteen paid facilitators from across higher education providing webinars to institutions, organizations, and individuals on topics such as social justice, LGBTQ support services, accessibility, counseling strategies, self-care, athletics, and beyond! A press release introducing you all to these amazing individuals will be released on July 18th! Be sure to check them all out and spread the news!

JP Courses

JP Courses is a new service as well! JPHigherEd will be providing free courses to professionals in higher education on various topics such as equity and inclusion, LGBTQ support services, inclusivity, professional development, networking, and more! The first course will be released in August and will be available to the public!

JP Scholarships

JP Scholarships is the backbone of JPHigherEd. A percentage of the profits obtained via JP Webinars will be used to create scholarship funds for students in higher education and/or to create unrestricted funds for non-profit organizations who work towards social justice. To ensure that we are holding ourselves accountable to those we serve, we will release an annual report at the end of the year documenting our progress.

To learn more about JPHigherEd: 

I have created a document that provides the mission, vision, values, and a detailed account of the services provided by JPHigherEd.

I hope you will join me on this new journey and become an active member of the JPHigherEd community! Please consider aiding us in this endeavor by subscribing (below) to be a part of the launch team!

Wondering what the expectation is as a member of the launch team? It is simple. We would just ask that you actively share our marketing materials on the day of the launch (August 1st). We will have folks who will provide you the materials, reminders, and encouragement! Sign-up to be a part of the launch by submitting your email below!

Join the Team!


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