Implementing Trainings that Cultivate Multicultural Competent Student Leaders

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Many student affairs professionals inquire about how to create effective trainings that cultivate multicultural competent student leaders. Today, I wanted to share with you a workshop that I facilitated for the NODA Region VI Drive-In Conference that helps provide a blueprint for implementing effective trainings. In this particular workshop, orientation leaders are the main focus but the information provided is transferrable to any student leader (and professional staff).

In addition to the presentation below, I have created a link that will bring you to the FREE resource I created for the participants at the conference. The resource includes a framework/blueprint, tangible activities (with directions), and a list of additional resources that will help aide you in your efforts. My hope is that this resource will provide you the necessary tools to create environments that value equity and inclusion.

Free Resource Packet:

SlideShare Presentation:

Consultation/Workshop Facilitation:

Please let me know if I can help aide your office in any way by providing a consultation or by facilitating a workshop. I would be happy to provide a professional development workshop to your staff or a training for your student leaders on the topic of equity and inclusion!

Enjoy the rest of your semester! Finish strong!

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